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   The name is Natalia!                                                                                 I love music!!                                                          
   Volleyball is my life (:                                                                           Questions? Comment!
   VARSITY BABY ((: <3                                                                        Need to talk? Comment!
    I love my friends, don't know what I
   would do without them!!


                                                                                                            No boy right now and I like that  

Stick Figure Love Couple

Quotes by Fastpitcherplayer

You made me realize
that I fell for the wrong guy...

when you werreally there the whole time
I wonder if my pictureveshowup on someonelse's 
"People You Might Like."

nmf.  my quoote.
What are you a light bulb?
Why would I be a lightbulb?

Because you keep saying WATT? WATT? WATT?

nmf. my quote. I love you, mom.

You've gotta have a little faith tfalback on!
-Hunter Hayes


He's cutswear,

Let me find a better picture!

nmf. nmq.

Did you know?..

When you mouth the words 
It looks like your mouthing

"I love you"

-nmf. hate it. add me on facebook, Kristen Witty

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Repost this if you aren't afraid

I thank God

for keeping my family and home safe through the storms.
"You call that a kiss?"


You were given wings before you could fly.
You took my heart before I could ask why.
You were everything I needed and so much more.
You had me knocking at your door.

You keep me from going crazy.
You keep me happy.
You are always there with a smile and your arms in the air.
You are my angel.

You are the rock that keeps me grounded.
You are the one that I can always go to.
You are perfect and in every way undescribable.
You are amazing and I love you!