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   The name is Natalia!                                                                                 I love music!!                                                          
   Volleyball is my life (:                                                                           Questions? Comment!
   VARSITY BABY ((: <3                                                                        Need to talk? Comment!
    I love my friends, don't know what I
   would do without them!!


                                                                                                            No boy right now and I like that  

Stick Figure Love Couple

Quotes by Fastpitcherplayer

Quitt ers never win
Winners never quit

At rue fr iend,

is someone who reaches for your
hand and touches your heart♥


is a trick ♥f the heart

t  fl the mind



&  I am finally really happy!


Don't just comment on any quote
you never know if it's about you.




okay don't say hi to me...
does it look like i care?

not my format. and if you can read this, YOU ARE A NINJA!!! :)

& On 11:11 tonight I...

won't  wish for you, but I'll wish that you

were wishing for me.



format credit to kara008


Today is my

little brother's 12th birthday

can i get 12 faves

& one for goodluck please!

because i love my little brother!


& eleven years oliking him
finally paid off.
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