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Hey im Haley i have a boyfriend named Brett total hotty and sensitive i have great friends and i love my sheep and my farming

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Sorry hunny that your jealous of me but he loves me not you
Somedays I Love You, Somedays I Don't, Somedays Your The Guy For Me Somedays Your Not,   But You'll Always be In My Heart... I Hope
Love hurts but cancer hurts worse dont smoke and for you girls out there pray to God  for you or anybody special to you won't get Breast Cancer its hard going through cancer and i dont think you want the people you love to go through it so stop them before they hit the cancer part of there life
Here in Westby WI weve had some hard times weve lost 2 very special people Keith and Ethan they both died of cancer if u have someone very special to u and there dying of cancer do anythin for them itll be worth it when they go to Heaven and remembering you helped them go through the hard times they willl love you more than ever

R.I.P Keith & Ethan
You mite think im a little to hard core but in my neighborhood im just the girl nextdoor
Ive neva been da barbie kinda type i just a redneck woman!
Neva Eva Let The Umpalumpaas out they will come and git you and eat you alive!
He loves me and I love him then y arent we perfect together?
Love while you can before he runs out of your grasp
I wonder if Moby Dick used C O N D U M S i mean really who doesn't love sexy pirates