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Experience. Dream. Risk. Close your eyes and jump. Enjoy the free fall. Choose exhilaration over comfort. Choose magic over predicability. Choose potential of safety. Wake up to the magic of everyday life. Make friends with your intuition. Trust your guy. Discover the beauty of uncertainty. Know yourself fully before you make promises to another. Make millions of mistakes so that you will know how to choose what you really need. Know when to hold on and when to let go. Love hard and often and without reservation. Seek knowledge. Open yourself to possibility. Keep your heart open, and head high with your spirit free. Embrace the darkness along with your light. Be wrong every once in a while and don't be afraid to admit it. Awaken to the brilliance in ordinary moments. Tell the truth about yourself, no matter what the cost. Own your reality without apology. See goodness in the world. Be bold. Be fierce. Be grateful. Be wild, crazy and gloriously free.

Be you.

Quotes by FierceCheer

Having the ability to read people's minds would be great,
but constantly having to hear what a sexy beast you are would get annoying.

When my hair looks best:

5% before I hang out with the guy I like.
15% after I styled it for several hours.
80% at night when I wake up and go to the bathroom.

when you eat a bunch of random snacks.

Teacher: Fold your paper in half.

Students: Hamburger or hot dog?


When a guy says your hot,
he's looking at your body.
When a guy says your pretty,
he's looking at your face.
When a guy says your beautiful,
he's looking at your heart.

Repeatedly saying "okay" to your mom
not because you understand that you've done something terribly wrong,
but because you just want her to shut the heck up.


When someone calls my best friend's name,
I look too.


Sometimes we expect more from others because
we'd be willing to do that much for them.