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Quotes by Firelight

I've already decided that when I can have my own pets, I'll only have dog breeds that are misunderstood, like Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, etc., just to show people how wrong they are about their natures.
Because I've had Rotties all my life and, if they're trained right, they are the sweetest, most loveable dogs in the entire world. And as a bonus, you get a pretty fierce and intimidating guard dog who won't let anything happen to you.
I trust your sins and pains

So I just made a Tumblr but have a SERIOUS problem:


so leave me some comments for people to follow! I'm open to all suggestions:)
When there's nothing left to burn,
you have to set yourself on fire
Me: *hates character*
Me: *hates character*
Me: *hates character*
Me: *hates character*
Character: *gains love interest*
Me: *likes character*
Character: *dies*
Witty bestfriend?

Comment age and three things you like, as a starter :)

I'm 15 and like writing, violins, and the color purple

I am an American.
We may not be loved by everyone. We may not go with the flow. We may not follow what everyone else does. We may not care what other people think. We may be rude. We may be inconsiderate. We may be overbearing. We may be intimidating. We may not share the same ideals. We may think differently.
We are stubborn. We are strong. We are friends. We are family. We are help. We are kindness. We are allies. We are white. We are black. We are Asian. We are European. We are us. We are Democrats. We are Republicans. We are liberals. We are conservatives. We are idealists. We are realists. We are weird. We are beautiful. We are smart. We are sisters and brothers. We are mothers and fathers. We are country. We are urban. We are states. We are red, white, and blue. We are stars and stripes.
We are free.
We are Americans.
I really am a tramp down to my bones.
I hate myself.
I bark at the moon, but I don't have
the courage to jump up and grab it.
~Renji Abarai, Bleach
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