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Who says you can't start over?
Why can't the ending be the beginning?
Dream your life and live your dreams.
Fall in love and hold the seams.
Party like it's the first day of your life.
Celebrate like it's your last.
Start a new day.
First Day Of Your Life.

Quotes by First_Day_Of_My_Life

If I could write one last letter to you, what would I say? What would I tell you? I'd say I love you. Because I do, always will. Would I tell you I lied, but I do love you. I'd mention that you're the best I've ever had. But you're gone now. I'll never get a last letter. If I sent one, would would you do? Would you cry? Would you burn it? Would you even bother. You changed my whole world and I just want one simple letter. One last letter. You're still in my heart. But being able to write to you, makes me feel like you're even closer. How far away am I to you? You were always right. Almost. When you said I didn't love you, that was wrong. I'll love you forever. Wish I loved you differently but I'd love you no less.


ometimes paradise is getting lost

If I was a bird I'd fly all the way to Wyoming and I'd stay there, I'd trim my wings and stay there. Then one day I'd grow them out and I'd fly across the sea, and I'd stay there. I'd trim my wings and stay there. Then when the time came I would grow them back out and fly to the moon. I'd stay there till I died. I would cut my wings and stay there alone.

Who gives a DAMN to the kid who won't speak?
Who CARES about the kid who avoids everyone?
Who LISTENS to the person asking for help?
no one.
Till that person is crying.
Till that person is gone.
Till that person puts a gun to their head.
Then you can't seem to get your nose far enough in their bussiness.

I told you I was going to kill myself tonight...
you said;

"go ahead. Do it. But I'm not going with you.  You'll be all alone on the way to heaven.  You might get lost. Now, If you wait till your called upon, you'll get a map and arrows.  I'll go with you, holding your hand incase it's dark. And we can kiss under the stars, just inches above our heads.  Do you know how hard it'll be to explain to our unborn children what happened to you? How long I'll have to wait at the alter for you? But no matter what you do, I'll love. So, Go ahead if you really want to. Not my life.  But yours means more to me than mine"


Six Feet Under The Stars  

LeftOurTroubles FarBehind 
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