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Quotes by PrimarilyParamore*

 March journal prompts 

2. How Do You Refresh? 

  Get myself a nice ice cold, majory sweet tall cup of coffee. chill at home if possible. reRead a fave book. 

 March journal prompts 

1. When's one time in your life When You felt especially Beautiful? 

  I felt pretty rocking in my prom dress and glittter docs. That was a pretty fun night despite being pretty anti-school dances since Freshman year. 

 february journal prompts 

28. What do you want to see More of in your life? 

  Regular quotes on here besides these journal entries. 

 february journal prompts 

27. What do you want to see less of in your life? 

  Anger or frustration that could've been avoidable or preventable.

 february journal prompts 

26. What is something you're looking forward to? 

  The new Deadly Class episode this week. I hope they redeem themselves from last week's episode.

 february journal prompts 

25. Make one tangible goal for the week ahead: 

  Making my sleep schedule more normal. aLTHOUGH, MY SLEEPING SCHEDULE HAS NEVER been normal.

 february journal prompts 

24. What makes you feel accomplished? 

  When other people take notice and/or compliment me on the goals I've accomplished. Seems simple, but it really helps me feel my efforts are being put to good use.

 february journal prompts 

23. What is One thing you can do to take  care of yourself today?Make it happen: 

  redye my hair and spend some quality time with my mom. I just got back with my hair pink and straight from my mom and I's hair appointment, an armful of shopping bags from our impromptu mall trip, and a belly full of the meal we used shared together. all in all, I'd say I accomplished the goals I had set out today.

 february journal prompts 

22. Find a verse, poem, or quote that inspires you in your current situation and write it down: 

  Great Things are done by a series of small things brought together. -Vincent Van Gogh

 february journal prompts 

21. Write down 10 Things you'RE Thankful for right now: 

  1. music
  2. plaid skirts and concert tees
  3. coffee
  4. Uber+ uber eats
  5. puns
  6. Bo Burnham& John Mulaney
  7. Umbrella academy & Deadly Class
  8. Chuck & Blair' relationship
  9. Card games
10. Moodboard