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PrimarilyParamore*'s Favorite Quotes

i useD To recoGnize mYseLF
it’s funny how reflections change.
He knew them by sight, by scent, and by their love. He knew they would be together, always.


some THInGs
                you see with your eyes,                


So give me something I can hold
That I can trust and call my own
And won’t run out and leave me cold
Give me something that won’t tell me lies
Won’t leave me hanging out to dry
Won’t f.uck me over make me cry
Save your love and buy me diamonds


you tried to take my light,
took me so long to find it.

...the word ‘pretty’ is a skin deep, six letter prison they put you in.
my ghost, where’d you go?
i can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me


When somebody touches you,
and you really don’t wanna be touched,
that’s not really being touched.
You still got you inside of you.

you’re my golden hour
the color of my sky
you’ve set my world on fire
and I know everything’s gonna be alright




now the day bleeds into nightfall,
and you’re not here
to get me t h r o u g h   i t   a l l.
i let my guard down,
and then you p u l l e d   t h e   r u g;
i was getting kind of used to being
s o m e o n e   y o u   l o v e d.