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   We are sitting on your bed, there is distance between us and the silence is suffocating me. I am holding my knees to my chest. My body is shaking; you are quiet. I ask you if you still love me, and you tell me that you are not sure that you ever did.

                        I'm a statue, cold and numb; don't waste 
YouR ToucH.


It’s just that every day I think I believe a little less and a little less and a little less…and that sucks…

"You both are made for each other."

"How do you know?"

"Because you guys don't look at each other with butterflies and happiness. You look at each other with reality but at the same time, there's a fairytale awaiting you."

~ E. Grin

but whatever
happens, i'll
be okay.

You don't deserve someone who comes back,
you deserve someone who never leaves 

I’m just gonna keep my feelings to myself and keep smiling like there is nothing wrong with me

If I'm too young for this, then why won't it go away when I show it my ID?

   Women feel more guilt than men, not because of some weird chromosomal issue but because they have a history of being blamed for other people’s behavior. You get hit, you must have annoyed someone; you get r.aped, you must have excited someone; your kid is a junkie, you must have brought him up wrong.