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Quotes by Fjazz

April Fools Day!
(And also 13 days left till I become 15!)
Oh, you can turn me down, you can throw me now.
The harder out the harder I come back around.
BOOMERANG-Nicole Scherzinger
Quote For The Day = " Dont Cry Bcoz Its Over.. Smile Because It Happend :]]"  Sweet Right? :3
March and still my house is covered in snow!

WhdI love him so



HaterLove me
~We run around the house while brushing our teeth .      
~ We read the shampoo bottle in the shower      
~We laugh at out own jokes before we tell them      
~ We can read a sentence 10 times without understanding it    
~We push doors that say pull, and pull doors that say push      
~ We say, "What?" even when we understood eveything      
~ We dont like it when the weather messes up our hair      
~ We can see the same movie 10 times and still expreience all the emotions we felt the first time      
~ We have to call our own phone to find it      
~ We can look at the clock without  seeing what the time is        
~ We turn the pillow over to lie on the cold side
~ We set the alarm clock to ring earlier so we can lie in for slighlty longer
~ Before going to bed we always calculate the amount of sleep we are getting      
~ We try to do things before the microwave beeps      
~ We close the fridge door really slowly to see if the light stays on       ~We try to balance the light switch between on and off      
~ We run up the stairs really fast like someone is trying to catch us if it's dark down stairs      
~ We laugh harder when we try to explain why we're laughing      
~ We walk into a room and forget why we are there
If kisses were snowflakes 

❄            ❄

    ❄         ❄

           ❄              ❄

   ❄                  ❄         ❄

I would send you a blizzard 

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