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Quotes by FlikeringHope

What experience can teach is what no teacher taught.

~Shane Koyczan

The Edge
The inspiration of my motivation,
is speaking the words i cannot say.

I was a bonfire of emotion filled with hope.
Quickly smothered by a blanket of hatred.
I became an ashen pile of uselessness,
losing myself in the wind.
 I lost.

I was lost in my ship, lonlyness,
for seven years at sea.
Capsized by a tidalwave of depression,
people speaking without discretion,
unable to show my expression.
 I sank.

I'm broke,
because of all the jokes made at my expense,
unable to pay my debt with dollars and cents.
They came at me now much more intense.
 I broke.

I was done,
cornered with no place to run,
the edge at my heels as they began to poke fun.
 I fell.

The wind went rushing past my head,
not able to tell if i was dead.
Istarted to cough unable to breathe,
the pain like a sword not in its sheathe.
 I choked.

An angel then to my rescue,
a man named Peter,
many thanks over due.
To him i began to speak the words unspoken,

the wind had stopped and i wasn't broken,
I was speaking louder now as if awoken.
With a new fire that burns bright,
and a ship that sails upright.
All thats left is recompense,
on a debt unseen by common sense.
My Life
Nothing hurts more than the slicing of harsh words.
When I look around all I see,
Is the pain of the tortured and agony
I almost lost my way; I almost gave up the gift of day
Some say pain makes you stronger; I'm weak at the knees,
Others say speak out about it, but I can hardly breathe.
I had little motivation and no reason to try,
A couple points in life I wanted to curl up and die.
I see it every day no matter where I am or where I go,
It’s the hushed whisper, "I hate that stupid hoe."
I almost lost my way; I almost gave up the gift of day.
Whether it’s the way you look or who you are,
They take pleasure hurting anyone who isn't to par.
They bombard you with hatred, ridicule, and their pain,
Until they are satisfied, but they will be back again.
I almost lost my way; I almost gave up the gift of day.
I had almost no hope but a flicker of light,
I saw that my day wouldn't always be night.
I can’t believe I almost lost my way, or that I even thought to give up my day.