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Paige- Kennedy?
Yeahh,, that's my name.. lovely? No.. :)
I'm 14, I'm 'young' compared to every one else. :/
That's ok! They die first.
I'm taken.. take a look at the pic ;)
1/20/10 ♥
I like latte's on cold days.. and tank tops on hot ones.
My specialties are kicking soccer balls and fucking shit up. :)
I'm a loud person, don't like it?
Buy ear plugs.
I could say I could give two shits about what any one said about me, but then I'd be lying.. like every one else that says that.
Liars. Not appreciated.
I like skirts, but would die with out sweat pants.
My philosophy is go Bieber or go home(;
Jk, but seriously, gorgeousness right there, :)
 My best friends keep me alive.. along with cookies, and ~chicken wraps ;D
I'm a bitch, but what teenage girl isn't?
I'm just mature enough to admit it :)
Moose are wonderful♥
I like to blow bubbles, and silly faces are the only faces I know how to make.
I discovered what true love was at the age of 7 and the meaning of life at 13 but forgot to write them down :|
Music is my drug, and I'm a partial vegetarian.
I don't know what that means so no do not ask me.
I don't understand the difference between pepsi and coke and email makes me feel important.
Call 1-800-kiss-my-ass :)
jk just write a comment, it won't kill you I promise :)