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check out my last quote.

and i sometimes go on when i have to tell someone something important.

Quotes by Flmw

I'm scared for everyone on witty.
why? well first, chat just got deleted. becausing we were speaking our minds.

 &&we can now report people.
that should be good, but my friends got banned for speaking out.

witty isn't what it used to be.

goodbye witty. i'm out. for good.

&&it's funny how
like every guy on here is automatically
labeled fake.

I'm pretty sure Steve is real.

juss' sayin.

i like totally want a witty best friend brah(:

When i was younger,
I thought that the brushes on the sides of escalators 

were shoe shiners(;

personally, i think muffins should be a girl's best friend. 

diamonds taste too weird.

Fave this and I'll  give you a lucky number(:
Not looking for faves, I'm really bored.

                        I have something to tell you                        
                           Cover top half of equation                     

all credit to goldielocks11, this just made my day.

Jesus can walk on water.
Humans are 70% water.
I can walk on humans.

Therefore, I am 70% jesus.

-from failbook(x


if she's Ke$ha in America,

is she Ke£ha in England?

hey fellow wittians,
i don't think everyone knows this,
but this stupid person with no imagination
copied witty.

pympyquotes.com sucks.
us witty girls are coming after you.