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check out my last quote.

and i sometimes go on when i have to tell someone something important.

Quotes by Flmw

Even when I'm walking on a wire
Even when I set myself on fire
Why do I always feel Invisible?

-Skylar Grey;; Invisible

you know you're in love
when you make a witty
quote about it



Fave if you know where this is from(:

Translate this and you will learn how magnets work.

Klicken Sie auf das Herz wenn Sie für diese fiel.


That awkward moment when...

someone doesn't use the awkward

moment format.



I hate the song 'who says'
because I can answer every question in the lyrics

Novalyn loves quotes

ike this



I was watching Saturday Night Live the other day and
my grandma was like,
"Deary, this is funny! When does it come on?"

Aaron Adam Adrian Aidan Alex Alexander Andrew Angel Anthony Austin Benjamin Blake Brandon Brayden Brian Brody Bryan Caleb Cameron Carlos Carson Carter Charles Chase Christian Christopher Cole Colton Connor Cooper Daniel David Diego Dominic Dylan Eli Elijah Eric Ethan Evan Gabriel Gavin Hayden Henry Hunter Ian Isaac Isaiah Jack Jackson Jacob Jaden James Jason Jaxon Jayden Jeremiah John Jonathan Jordan Jose Joseph Joshua Josiah Juan Julian Justin Kevin Landon Levi Liam Logan Lucas Luis Luke Mason Matthew Max Michael Nathan Nathaniel Nicholas Noah Oliver Owen Parker Robert Ryan Samuel Sebastian Thomas Tristan Tyler William Wyatt Xavier Zachary
Fave if I said his name.
Comment if I missed one.
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