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Quotes by FloatingDog


My laziness is like the number 8. If it lays down, it becomes infinite.


Scary sentences:

1. I'm pregnant

2. Based on a true story

3. Unable to connect to the internet

Don't you hate it when people make those tilt your screen back quotes with a really noticable color?

Yeah, well I do
Did anyone else get that AMBER alert yesterday?

highlighting random quotes to see if there
are one of those hidden messages in it.

just me?

random someone: whats a witty

Me: lolwut
I walk onto the beach like, waddup I got them big crocs

Teacher: What tense is this? I am so beautfiul
Me: Obviously past

asking a quesiton you already know the answer to, to see if the person will lie
Anyone else?
Wakes up just before best part of my dream
Tries to go back to sleep...