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Quotes by FluorescentAdolescent

There are girls out there,
who have their own Jacob Black,
to help drag them through their Eclipse,
who know them better than they know themselves,

But who would give it all up,
the moment their Edward returned.

In a Twilight Mood =)

And here's to the girls
           who struggle through everyday
so they can escape into a dreamworld,
-where the sun never shines
- Where brown eyes are better than blue
- And where the lion, fell in love with the lamb.

Inspired by Twilight.

Scream until there's nothing left,
          with your last
breath say;;
                                                         Here i am.

I don't really do regrets;
they're not very useful - Richard Hammond.
With you,there were
         no ordinary days.

So, i put on my make up,
    And pray for a miracle . . . <3
&&you'll see that life is still worthwhile,
          If you just smile =)
                  How about for once,
       You're the one that's crying over me?
This one's for the guys that get forgotten.
The one's who don't care how your hair looks, or what you're wearing,
Who would drop everything, just to come and hang out,
That laugh at your bad jokes, just to make you happy,
Who are always there for you when that boy lets you down,
The one's that pretend to listen to all of our deepest secrets,
And who we can just be ourselves with,
And they love us for it, good and bad,
This is for the best friends.
I guess that she's alright,
If perfection is what you like.