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This is a Witty made esspecially for the band Flyleaf. 

For those who don't know, the members of Flyleaf are Lacey Mosley, Pat Seals, Sameer Bhattacharya, Jared Hartmann and James Culpepper. 

:) Well, thanks for checkin' out my profile. :D 

Quotes by FlyeafThings

Lacey: *gestures to Pat* He did jump off a bridge in his underwear and I was so traumatized because of how tiny his underwear was. 
Pat: It was great, it was on a pier looking out on the water. It was so clear. You could see all the way to the bottom.
Sameer: It was beautiful.
Pat: We all just ripped off our pants and jumped in. 
Sameer: Well, we were headed to the airport. They put our luggage in a different vehicle and so we stopped by the beach on the way to the airport 'cuz none of us had seen the beach yet. We didn't have our swimming trunks because they were with our luggage so we had to make do. *laughs*
Interviewer: So pants off dance off right?
Sameer: *laughs* Yeah.
Lacey: Haha, yeah, it was fun.

Flyleaf Things #14
There will be 12 tracks on the new album. Some are titled "Green Heart", "Bucket Of Worms*", "New Horizons" , "Fire, Fire" , and "Good Night Old Friend"
*may be Bucket of Words, I've seen different things. 
Flyleaf Things #13
The single/video for one of the tracks off the new album comes out April 22 :D

Flyleaf Things #12
The last note has officially been strummed/sung/hit on Flyleaf's new record! We pray it speaks Life to you!
-Tweeted by Sameer :)
Flyleaf Things #11
Pat says that if he were a pro wrestler, his tights would have a paisley pattern. 
Flyleaf Things #10
The video for "Breathe Today" was filmed on Halloween in 2004.  
Flyleaf Things #9

Lacey's laugh:) 
Flyleaf Things #8
The youngest member of the band is Jared, who is 26. His birthday is in October. :)
Flyleaf Things #7 
The song Red Sam is named after Jared and Sameer. Ja
red Sameer. :)

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Flyleaf Things #6

"I think the most important thing about screaming in our music is the urgency of it. What are you gonna do when you see your loved one about to kill themselves? You're gonna scream at them. 'I love you! What are you doing?' You're not just gonna be like, 'Ohhh, I loovee youu.' You know like Christian music. That's not the kids we're singing to."
-Lacey on screaming in Flyleaf's music