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Hi everyone, welcome to my profile. Im Brittani<3 Im different, unusual, stupid, and crazy. But hey thats just me. ♥

Quotes by Flywithme15

                                                   a drop in the ocean,
                                               a change in  the weather, 

i was praying me & you would end up together~

Everyone flirts,
Get The Hell Over It.


Boys like blondes, Men like brunettes(: 


He acts like i dont exist anymore,
Fav if you ever felt like this.

                                                              Monsters Inc
                                   We scare, because we care


                                   Boys are like bubblegum,
         Good at the beginning and dull at the end.


Let's flip a coin.
Heads: you're mine.
Tails: I'm yours.


Just Smile




Hammer Time;*

You know when your in love because, 
reality is finally better than your dreams.
-Dr. Suess