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I'm Belle

Hi, my name is...CHICKA CHICKA SLIM SHADY. Ha, just kidding...maybe c; I am going to go by a pen-name here since I don't actually want to reveal my name, so you can call me FoSho or - since i love the name - Belle :] My main purpose is quoting amazing people. You'll probably get a lot of quotes from people I love though. Things I love include: - One Direction. Sorry, but I love them. Don't worry though, I'm not a crazy fangirl...unless you're one too ;D  ♥ - Ed Sheeran. Ashgkjhdg. That is all. - Adele. My I D O L. - Cookies. Don't touch mine. - Food. Eat my food and I'll deprive you of ever having children...c:  - ZZ Ward, The Beatles, Train, Jessie J, P!nk, April Smith, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Adele, & One Direction. Whoops, looks like I already mentioned those last three. Ha, I'm not sorry about that [; - Music, singing, reading, writing, acting, and drawing. Music basically sums up my existance. - Playing trumpet. - Witty. (LOL OBVI.) - The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and Matched trilogies. They're my favorite books. And that's it. Peace out, mah peeps. -Belle

Quotes by FoSho

 "It's funny how people say they miss
you, but don't even make an effort to
see you."

- Forest Gump

            "But I love you..."

I love you, but..."
See the difference? 



f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5  | 

"They think Niall and I flirt while talking on skype but in reality all he does is eat in front of the camera."

-Demi Lovato


"Funny when you're dead how everyone starts listenin'." 

-The Band Perry (If I Die Young)


"Remember how to put back the

light in my eyes."

-Christina Perri (Jar of Hearts)


"Look for the girl with the broken smile. Ask her if she wants to stay a while."

-Maroon 5 (She Will Be Loved)

"I don't need the perfect one, I just need somebody who will make me feel like I'm the only one."

-Zayn Malik



"It's the most maddening, beautiful, magical, horrible, painful, wonderful, joyous thing in the world, love."

-Taylor Swift