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 well hello there! <3
 my best friend is Ashleigh better known on here as AshAleigh. she is amazing,
 i really think that if you get the chance to follow her, then do it.
 :D ALSO FOLLOW MY CLOSEE CLOOOSE CLOSEEEEE FRIEND TAYLOR! her username is brokenhearted12 shes fuckinng greaaat(: i love her! so yeahh.(:
 my mottos are, you only live
  once and everything happens for a reason.
  i have lived a pretty hard life but hey, i got over it
  i believe that a girls best accesory is her friends.
  i love music! mostly hiphop my idol is Nicki Minaj.

 desandnate on youtube are AMAZING! xD
 im straight up, friendly, easy going and im super nice.
  my goals in life are to visit New York City, Paris, and just travel anywhere i can
  i LOVE panda bears<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
get to know me!
ther get
Miranda Lynn Coombs
Nano Unicorn
VAS HAPPENIN!? i lovelovelove one direction.(: harry styles and i are going to get married..(: haha well at least in my dreams anyways.. im kinda bad at writing these things but if you have any other questions go right ahead and ask!(: ohh and if you follow i follow backk!
my hobbies include sleeping, listening to music (one direction is my favorite band, you dont find alot of bands where ALL of them are amazing and attractive.<3) reading, watching movies, being surrounded by friends, taking walks, drinking slushies, going to the beach, swimming, and sunbathing! showers are where my life's decisions are made. i am still waiting on my prince charming, i dont really think ill have one but,  <<<<never give up right? dont take life for granted,  live it up & have fun, no matter whos watching, people fall in love with your smile so wear it with pride!<3 youre all beautiful<3
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I'm not necessarily suicidal but if a car almost hit me I wouldn't get out of the way.
hey guys! my tumblr is getting kinda boring so comment with your urls and ill follow youuuu! :D <3 mine is
okay so i met this guy on omegle hes british and im american. the night we met we skyped for about 7 hours and during the week we talk on facebook, the bad part? we're falling in love. and i havent told my parents about him yet... what should i do!? i reeeally like him! D:
honestly all i want right now is a joint and a person to cuddle with...
i've been seeing quotes lately saying how guys lead girls on, but in all honesty i think more girls lead guys on.
don't you agree?
My whole family always says how weak I am and my brother always tries to wrestle me and I just sit there because I don't want to hurt him and him tell on me. So last night I had enough of it and when he tried to wrestle me I threw him on the grass and 'accidentally' broke his thumb. I'm not weak anymore... (;
im sick and tired of being your f//cking chew toy. im sick and tired of listening to every little detail of how i do everything wrong. stop trying to change me into a perfect daughter because i obviously am not. im a f//cking teenager! im obviously gonna do things i regret and im obviously gonna do stuff that doesnt make you happy but stop bringing the past into the present. i messed up. i know. im sorry. god dammit stop bringing it up every f//cking day.
i want to make a quote but i dont know what to say so... *clears throat* *coughs* *gets comfortable*


thank you gwen stefani.(: