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Hello <3 I am Kylee. I am 13, and will be blowing out 14 candles on November 8th (: I LOVE One Direction and Ed Sheeran. They are my everything. I also have a 'small' crush on a guy named Corbin :D Lolol. I have a facebook, and a twitter. I also write and read fanfics on So...Follow me! I will follow back<3(:

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Happy Birthday to Me (: Can't wait to watch One Direction on the X Factor, then tomorrow on Ellen <3 !
Tomorrow's my birthday <3 :) xx

I really should be doing homework right now ... but...

1. My heart is like... in my stomach right now. and 2. I don't want to get off witty...


M y H e a r t I s R a i n i n g a n d i t j u s t w o n ' t s t o p < / 3


My crush won't be at school anymore... His family was evicted from there house. Now I don't want to go to school, because I know he won't be there, and it hurts. Seeing his empty seat in science, him not being on the bus. I know I won't get to feel my heart speed up as he walks by.
Sorry for venting, but I need to get it out. </3

So... I was walking to the school with my crush... And I .... Ran into a bus... I fail.
I am in tears. Little Things is so perfect <3
My favorite writer on wattpad is depressed, and as soon as she finishes her stories that have  been started, she is going to stop writing and get off. She's tried to commit suicide multiple times. I don't know her well, but I love her like she is one of my  best friends. :P
Am I the only  one who takes forever to clean

my room because I get distracted by stuff?

xD At least my room is clean now .