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Quotes by ForeverOneDirection

   steve is one of the reasons why i am leaving witty... why? because steve doesnt care about wittains.  steve loves it when there are arguments on witty about gays... how do i know this? well if he didnt like it he would delete the quote and wouldn't leave a stupid comment saying "drama" like steve thats not going to help anything! he loves to see when wittanins get into arguments. another problem that i have come across is allowing white people to use the n word in quotes. i understand why steve might not find it offensive and may even use is because he's white, but for the wittains who are black that is extremly rude and when one of my witty friends emailed him and commented on his profile about this problem guess what he did? he delted the comments! obviously if steve really cared he would actually do something about it instead of acting like a girl and just deleting the comment. im sure ill get a lot of hate for this but unlike most of you i am showing real problems about witty instead of complaing about how people get there quotes from tumblr. 


I got a bad boy i must


you got my heart i don't know

how you did it

-theway  by  ariana grande ft. mac miller


Under The Lights Tonight
You turned around, and you stole my heart 

~Things I Like~
The Smell After It Rains
Baggy Sweaters
Books You Can't Put Down
Feeling Loved
Making People Smile
Hot Tea
Songs That Relate To You
The Smell Of Fresh Bread
Underwater Tea Parties
Chocolate Cake
Saying What You Feel


is always a good idea.

-  Audrey Hepburn



If I could take away the pain and put a smile on your face,
baby I would, baby I would. If I could make a better way, 
so you could see a better day baby I would, baby I would.

Directioner Problems

Getting Liam feels every time he smiles.


Directioner Problems

Realizing the boys are in the same continent as you and you're freaking out...

Directioner Problems

Not remembering your life before being a directioner.

Directioner Problems

Being exicted for Louis birthday instead of Christmas..