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All My Friends Are Rejects


Hello! I'm Nicole! My Tumblr is all-my-friends-are-rejects feel free to follow(: I'm an 8th grader and I love Harry Potter and Hunger Games. I'm an old Witter, so I'm trying to get the hang of it again(: I'm the yougest of 4, and I have some of the best rejects for friends, ha ha. 

'Cause, if we stand for nothing,
we'll fall for anything.

Quotes by ForeverUnwritten

Whats one question

EVERY one has to say no


"Is your mom a virgin?"


Anthony Brown

 my boyfriend


I can't belive how many witty girls still go to Brandon Cyrus's page and comment saying stuff like
"Your hot!"
"Your cute!"
When he lies, steals quotes, and treats every one like crap.
Really? I thought we'd all have a bit more respect for our selves and not thow our selves at some boy.
Thanks for proving me wrong.

This is my sexy face.

Those inside jokes

Between you & your best friend,

That no one else will ever get.

I just want to to kiss me in the pouring rain.


When some one lies,
And acts like nothings happed.
You start to wonder,
How many lies wre there?