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My name's Jessi. I am fifteen years young and I blow out the candles on the 19th of August. I like cats.


Quotes by ForeverYoungx3

I hate when witty tells me to 'simmer down' -.-


You were fake,
I was great,
nothing personal.


I f/ck up everything like its my job.


Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.

Fave if you love and support Demi Lovato. <3


So, dont worry your pretty little mind. People through rocks at things that shine. And life make love look hard.

-Taylor Swift!


That Awkward Moment When;
You're the only one laughing at something stupid, so you laugh harderr..


Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you. [;


Bruno Mars would catch a grenade for me..
& You can't even talk to me,
Grow some balls.


He texted me first,
Then he told me he was playing COD,
This one, is most deffinatly a keeper.