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Oh my god, how Witty has changed. 

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Quotes by ForeverYounq_

I want a cute relationship.
No, it doesn't have to be perfect.

I just want someone like me, someone I don't have to impress.  I don't want to feel the need to try to make him happy.  I want to go on walks in the park, lay under the stars, give him surprise kisses and hug him and never let go.  I want a relationship where we can wrestle and let each other win.  A relationship where we can play with little kids and act like parents, where he can push me on the swing and I can push him down the slide.  I want a relationship where I can go out looking normal, not having to dress up, and still feel beautiful around him.  I want a relationship where I don't care what others think, I don't want "I love you more" fights, knowing there is love there is enough.  But most of all, I just want someone to call mine, baby, babe, boo thang.

Who wants a relationship like my dream one?


NO expectations,
no disappointments.

I don't know what
to feel or think anymore.

all i wanna do, is be with you. only you.

i love food more than i love people.


Have you ever wanted to see
a video on Youtube, but you weren't old enough.

So you made a new account saying your 18+.

Every time I talk, I just hear in my head:
it's your fault. your stupid. stop crying. your dumb. your not worth it. your overreacting. your a crybaby. you shouldn't care. get over it. your not good enough. you don't have what she does. you are not better. you are not okay. you are stronger. you can get over this. you are okay. you make yourself sad. you can be happy. you choose not to be. you suck. you this, you that. <l3.

why is this worth living for? </3

I never thought liking you,

would have such bad consequences.

I have never felt so alone
in such a crowded place...until today.

fave this quote if you ever felt

insecure about your body or

face. now, look at the faves. 

your not alone, i promise you.