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I love him.
...but we can't be together. My mother won't allow it. Today's our eight month anniversary & I love him with all my heart. Never have I ever had such strong & incredible feelings for a guy. He's not just a guy; he's the most amazing guy that I've ever met. He's sweet, cute, funny, he cooks, he's never yelled at me, he apologizes for things he hasn't even done, he's shy, & so much more! It was funny & mind blowing when i learned that both of our birthdays are in May, we're both Taurus' & have the same birthstone. He tells me stories, & writes me poems. He writes poems; how many guys do that?! We took things slow & it took into five months of our relationship to have our first kiss. With every breath I took, & every glance of him, I've fallen even harder. From before we even began to date, we've had problems with our parents. We had to sneak & lie & get in trouble a numerous amount of times, but yet every time, we both believe it is worth it. We planned to get married & name our daughter Aria. We planned who would cook & clean & change diapers. The smallest details to the biggest ones. He always there for me even when he wasn't around. He loved me through my mood swings & b*tch attacks. Not once through these eight months has he broken up with me. He even bought me a promise ring for my seventeenth birthday. So, why can't be we together? Well, I can tell you in two simple words: his skin. He's African American, but we are the same religion. My mother, however, fails to acknowledge this & my feelings for him. I tried explaining to her that his family is religious & willing to give us a chance, but she wouldn't hear it. I am now a disgrace in her eyes & she has told me to stop talking to him. For some time I have considered it, but I've come to realize that she can't always have things her way. & she can keep the threats coming, but I'm going to do what makes me happy because she isn't a saint herself. I just don't see why the discrimination can't end. Honestly, he's the greatest guy I've ever seen & he gives me more respect & love than I deserve. If she wants to ignore this & crush my happiness, well so be it. I'm going to continue what makes me happy & if I have to lie, oh well. The only question in my head is, is this the right thing to be doing? Am I really going in the right direction? I have considered all possible consequences of continuing this relationship & ending it. So, I guess even though I know what I want, I just don't know what to do.
I love him & I always will.