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That guy on the abercrombie bag that
everyone loves

and yet, we don't even know his name


There are two reasons why I'd never drink toilet water;
Number 1, and number 2.

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Bieber Fact  #56
When Justin heard girls sold their
virginity for concert tickets, he tweeted
that girls should have self respect.

Fave if you agree with Justin ♥

I was at the baseball game..
With the guy i'm like totally in love with.
he was sitting by me, when a foul ball was coming right for me.

And he jumped in front of me and took the hit.

His response:
"i told you i'd always protect you."




Dear Witty,

We get thought ads were quotes at first.

Sincerley, chill with the quotes about it.



You never realize
How often you touch things,
Until right after your done painting your nails.


Friend: What's new?
You: Well, 

there's this boy..


I hate it when a guy
Has a nice body, and then you
look at his face and you're just like,



Teacher say's: class , stand up if you think your an idiot
*Student stands up*
Teacher say's: so you think your an idiot?

Student say's: nah , I just didnt want to see you standing up all alone :)