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I love One Direction.
I am a 14 year old GIRL! 
I also love Taylor Swift!
I worship Ed Sheeran.
I <3 Maroon 5!
My fave TV shows are
Psych and Charmed.

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They are phenomiNIALL. 
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Niall Horan

Forever_A_Directioner's Favorite Quotes

every once and a while I like to
check up on people I hate to make sure I still hate them. I do

Laugh as much as you breathe.

Love as long as you live.
This quote does not exist.

you could write a book on how
to ruin someone's perfect day
well, I get so confused and frustrated
forget what I'm trying to say


"You never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything".


when most girls wear hoodies and messy buns

They look amazing

but when i  do

i look like i've tried every drug in the world


          hey this is just a very normal and
          serious text post with no hidden
          meaning whatsoever

Girls I know: Ugh, like five guys like me at one time. I don't know which one to pick! I hate my life.
Me: Two guys made eye contact with me in the past three years. Which one should I have a super secret crush on?
Anxiety isn't a fashion statement. It's a miserable disorder with actual, real
uncontrollable symptoms that eat you alive and distance you from the people you love. So, stop making it "trendy".

if i were a spelling bee judge:
me: spell their
contestant: sentence please
me: they're going to build their house over there.
*walks off*