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Quotes by Foreverspphire

I look in the mirror and ask myself, "Where did she go?"
I search silently for the girl I used to know
She was so innocent, so naive, so ready for the world
She was beautiful until it was broken
She was young and trusting and oblivious to hate
I look in the mirror and see what society can create.
Tie a string to my ankle and hang me up to dry
Tie a string to my heart and like a baloon I will fly
Tie a string to my waist and watch me spin around
Tie a string to my finger and make my memory sound.
If I could throw away my fears I would stand on this table and yell
I would close my eyes and say the secrets I've always wanted to tell
If my fears would leave my mind everyone would know how I feel
All the people in the halls would notice that I was real
The fears the hold me back will leave me one day, of this I am sure
But until that day arrives I will remain the opposite of the statement said before.
I smile shyly to myself as I admire you from afar,
My only wish is to be apart of your world,
I avoid contact with your oceans of blue although its one of greatest desires,
I just wish that we could become something.
Why am I so afraid?
At first I thought it might be cool moving to a new place.
At first I thought it might be okay when they put a harness around my face.
I let them lead me down a path with their jeeps and guns.
I let them lead me to a boat and then i decided i wanted to run.
I pulled and pulled with all of my weight.
I pulled and pulled until they smacked my head and forced me to the gate.
"On you go, beast!" they scream like my ears are too small to hear.
"On you go, beast!" they scream as they make me face my biggest fear.
They locked me in a crate with USA marked on the side.
They locked me in a crate with no where for me to hide.
The boat swayed under my feet and i wished that I could cry.
The boat swayed under my feet as I wondered why?
Why did they take me from my home with grass and trees so tall?
Why did they take me from my home with the birds, the sky, and the snakes that crawl?
The boat stops after many days that all felt like a year.
The boats stops and I hear them yell,"Roll him onto the pier!"
Still in my crate I feel them moving me around.
Still in my crate I hear them say they're taking me to town.
The crate opens and I see a big tent.
The crate opens and I see a man with one knee bent.
"He will do," he smirked as he took control of my rope.
"Oh yes, he will do," he repeats as he leads me as I mope.
In a cage he puts me and yells at me for no reason at all.
"Listen, beast!" he screams and then hits me until I fall.
"Get up dammit!" he hits me again and pain rushes through my back.
"Get on that ball!" he stabs my leg and I try to pick up my slack.
Day in and day out is just as boring and painful as the one before.
Day in and day out I stand swaying with my head out the door.
They say I'm doing okay on my training so they put me in the show.
They say I'm doing okay and they stab my side to let me know.
Do you know why they brought me here? I haven't figured it out yet.
Why would they want to harm an innocent creature? Don't they know that elephants never forget?
>>>Without many people knowing it, circuses all over abuse the animals that us, as paying customers, see in their shows. While in the big top the animals may seem like they are having fun doing the demening tricks taught to them, but they are not. Circus animals are yelled at and beaten with bull hooks (look it up to be shocked) everyday. These animals get so mistreated that they end up losing their minds and they tend to pace back and forth in their cages. Help the animals and boycott the circus. Put an end to the abuse<<<<
smiling little ants carry food to their homes
they smile because they have the whole world to roam.
laughing little aligators lay out in the sun
they laugh because they sorta waddle when they run.
dancing little lightening bugs fly up in the night
they dance because they get to bring people light.
writing little poet sits in her room
she writes because her poetry takes away the gloom.

Let's recite a poem, kids. It goes along with the tune of the oompa loompa song.

Self hate, self hate, from my head to my shoe,
All i do is doubt myself, I take it out on you.
Self hate, self hate, it's boiling over me,
It's all that I feel, it's all that I see.
What do you get when you want something dumb?
Me, little me, as fragile as a crumb.
What will I do when my life suppose to start?
Why doesn't anyone want to have my heart?
They don't like the look of me.
Self hate, self hate, like a bath at a spa,
Rising to my neck, it's going too far.
I will cry about whatever I do.
Like on laughing gas, my smile's not true,
my smiles not true.

Wasn't that a fun little number? I can be creative sometimes :)

You speak your words,
Your tounge entangles me with lies,
With each passing sylable,
A piece of me dies.

Your mouth dances for a recital,
A recital I didn't pay to see,
With each ballereina step,
You lose your love from me.

I bet if you looked in the mirror,
a mirror without a frame,
You would see yourself like I see you,
A hurt little girl who took all the blame.
crappy little studio filled to the ceiling in books,
she wanted to be a writer, but didn't know that this is how it looks.
Rejection after rejection she lost the abilty to smile, She wanted to be a writer, but thought it would only take a short while.
A circle shaped head filled with dreams,
she wanted to be a writer, but life isn't as easy as it seems.
Introvert always hurt from the hate inside her chest. Her look for her started back when the red sea parted and its made her quite a mess. Questioning herself everyday worried about what others say while shes introverting always hurting letting that hate take over her heart.