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I don't use this witty anymore. 
My new witty is


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Quotes by ForeverxYours

why am I alive. 

 I wish there were more than two genders.

I'm getting really bored.

The quizzes that say 
blah blah blah % prep
blah blah blah & EMO
whatever else it says.
Okay, so it says if you wear skinny jeans, listen to music, put your hair in front of your face, give people 'evil stares' have dyed your hair dark. etc etc you're "emo."
And people say they hate stereotypes yet they come up with quizzes like these?!
I must be "emo" since I refer to all of those..
By the way, emo isn't a style. It's a state of mind.
LOL. So dumb.

When I say "I need a boyfriend."

And my friends call me desperate.

I'm not trying to sound desperate. 

I'm not saying if I don't get one, i'm gonna die.

I'm saying I want someone to hold me when I cry.
I want someone to spend the holidays with.

I want someone to cuddle up in a blanket with and watch movies all night.

I want someone to call me beautiful, even when
I look my worst.

I want someone to sit down at the beach with, and watch the sunset.

I want someone to hold my hand in public.

I want someone that I can talk to about anything and count on them to be there for me.

I want someone to kiss in the rain. And even in
the snow.

I want someone I can be my complete self around.

I want someone to call my own. 

So don't say I'm desperate. I just want to experience real love.

             It's really hard loving something                        
                                                                                  you can't have.

I'd rather be a friendless loser. 
Than have a bunch of friends who secretly hate me.

I wish I had a mirror in the   shower
So I could look at my epic hairstyles


Everything has beauty.

But not everyone can see it.
h i g h l i g h t