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I'm casey. a teenager  with teenager feelings.(: My best friends are nicole and jenna (:
I dance I sing and play sports I love friends &sleepovers. and music saves me.I love to talk to people and i need a witty bestfriend.<3  comment if ya wanna know more ;D

Quotes by ForgetThePast

Its almost like
you had it planned... 
as if you shook my hand and said 

"Hello I'm going to screw you over"


I'm supposed to be set up with  someone. 
well .... idk  if its even gonna work out....
&I can imagine every thing already... id on't want to be let down.



When its all in your grasp just let go of the past just go....

but its sooooooooooooooooo hard.


that awkward moment

When you see the old "him" three days in a row and its the most awkward thing you've ever felt.



have you ever thought...

in the future you'll just die with like no friends and 74 cats?


It's easy as three words... 
Go  screw yourself.


For me , today is one of those days...
when people make you feel 
not good enough 
Its one of those days you just look at your self at cry
cause you don't feel like you look good enough
 you just feel alone
& if you ever have one of these days I just want you to know you're so beautiful & you're not alone 


Seeing your mom upset;

                                                                                                                         is the worst feeling in the world ...


Do i like him?  
Do i like him enough?
or do I even like him at all...