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Hey There! =)
Welcome to my profile!


My name is Farah & I'm from a small country called Oman.
I'm Muslim
I'm a 18 years old girl
{ 19 on the 25th of December }
Born on year 1995
I'm 168 cm
Want to know anything more ? Just ask =P

Quotes by ForgiveMe

Don't Text and Drive..
You might misspell a word!


Don't write OK
Just write K  it's enough..
  because typing the letter " O " apparently takes lots of time!


For some reason I really love the " Hate then love " love stories I don't know why!


Do you what annoys me?
When my face is so pure then suddenly one day before an important night a beautiful red Pimple decides to visit & stays on my face.


I Went to a water park & there was a scary game and I saw this in the game:
" If you eat pizza with knife and fork

I Hate it when someone asks someone else out & the other person says:
1- Eww, No you're a nerd.
2- Eww, No you're fat.
3- Eww, No you're dump.
4- Eww, No you're ugly.
5- Eww, No I'm way too good for you.
6- Eww, No you're weird.
7- Eww, No you're pathetic.
8- Eww, No you're unpopular.
9- Eww, No you're short.
10- Eww, No you're { anything else not listed above }.

I Mean if you don't want to go out with someone.. A simple rejection will be enough, don't be so mean..
Isn't it enough that the person who asked you out liked you & not any other person!


Okay so there is a really beautiful girl that goes to my school that my boyfriend saw.. I was mad ( jealous ) but then he told me.. I don't care as in my eyes you're thousands times prettier.


So I had a fight with my friend
and she told everyone about it
so they'd all hate me & like her!


I Know what you're wishing for...

Having the ability to hold him & whisper in his ears..



Sometimes.. It's so hard to accept the truth.
So you'll just lie at yourself!