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Heey its savannah(: 

im 16!(:

i love hunting and fishing

being  outside and helping whoever needs help

i try my best to help people out and im always there for anyone

being social is a challenge for me so thats something im trying to work on

but i never judge and you can talk to me about anything if you need someone!>3 

missing you</3
i love all types of music 
but mostly country

i love the country and walking around just looking at all the senery

looking at everything that most people take for granted and pass over

Some of the most beautiful things are around us but everyone is to busy to stop and take a minute to just look around and see what they are missing 



Quotes by LittleMissInvisible *

I am terrified of growing up...
Lost in a world of confusion
drowning as i try to find my way through
alone without guidence
in a place i once knew
not knowing which way to go
or who i can trust
with the black water getting deeper
I lose faith in love