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So I decided to change my about me thingamajig on case anyone wants to know about me. I am medium-ish height I guess..I have dirty blonde hair with eyes..& I blow my candles out on August 26th. I'm taken

Quotes by Foxy26

Having a rough time?
Search "baby animals" on Google Images.

Eat Oreos..
Because we've been told
Being rascist isn't nice.

Favorite thing about the olympics?

(Besides the hot guys..)


Convo between the boyfriend and me: 

Him: Ugh...I don't feel good

Me: What hurts?

Him: Stomach. Oh, it kills...I feel bad for you.

Me: Does it feel like someone is stabbing you from the inside? Like there's a baby inside of you, throwing punches and karate moves?

Him: I'm so sorry...I love you.

That's what I thought!

I'm Kayaking like a boss on Google.


Plot Twist: You get candy from the man in the white van.

Imagine the 


needed to work in a bubble-wra
p factory.
You make me
hate myself.
And I hate you for it.

My boyfriend and I were just talking about how it would be to wake up next to eachother..
I told him I look like h-e-double hockey sticks when I wake up.
His reply?
  "I love you for who YOU ARE, not your looks. Although those are a plus, too." 

Someday I'll lose this boy. And I don't know what I'm going to do.

Taking a "ha" off of your
because you think you got a lil carried away.