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January 2nd 2012
Last quote ever. :/
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15 years young, born on August 17th.
Lives in Chicago, proud American.
Taken by a beautiful girl named Melissa.
Loving life.
Battling cancer (brain tumor).
Loves my family&friends&girlfriend, skating, photography, video games, etc. :3
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My girlfriend's Witty :D

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I was reading facebook last night when I came across this post from a guy at my school. 

"Why are girls so stuck up??? After witnessing some buddies get deprived of relationships, because a girl refuses to go after the guy. "The Chase". I understand why chicks prefer it, but come on. Cut us guys some slack, we can't always pursue you. Especially when you are stubborn and make it harder than heck. Plus girls complain about a guy not liking them or not giving them what they want., we try our best, but when you act like your bi-polar and change your likes or ignore us, we don't know what you want. So how about girls suck it up and actually try. At least once, let us know you are interested. Demean us, then expect us to know what you want. Please be generous, at least help us out a bit. Thanks for reading"
This is so  true.  Us girls?  We suck.


no     one     comes     with     a
"clear history" button, so you

This quote does not exist.



following your heart means

breaking someone elses






Snape's patronus was a doe.
The same as my mothers, because he loved her for nearly all his life, from the time when they were children. You should have realised. He asked you to spare her life, didn't he?




okay, so there was this guy. he was dating a girl.
everyday he said to her
'my love for you is true and it always will be'
she always smiled and kissed him.
they didnt establish there relationship on facebook, they thought it was pointless.
But one day, on a date, the boy walked the girl to her car. he said 'my love for you is true and it always will be. until tomorrow beautiful.'
she smiled, kissed him and drove of into the night.
when he got home he texted her and waited for her reply. it never came. breaking news told him that a girl had tragically died in a car accident on her way home from a date. he realised with terror that the girl on the pavement, was his girlfriend.
crying, he ran out into the night and shouted
'kayleigh, my love for you is true and always will be!' he screamed it untill he couldnt scream anymore.
distraught, he changed his facebook relationship status to 'in a relationship' and hacked into her acount to accept it.
he logged back in and commented on it.
'kayleigh, i miss you so much already. my love for you is true and always will be. even your death wont keep us apart, i'll never let you go my beautiful kayleigh'
i liked his comment.

a year on, i see him walking with a rose to the graveyard everyday after school.
a year on, his relationship status hasnt changed.
a year on, he writes a status about her everyday, exactly the same.
'kayleigh, my love for you is true and always will be. R.I.P my beautiful kayleigh<3'

now that, is true love.

Feeling suicidal?
A few days ago, I found out I have cancer. I've had it for a few
months and it's spread.

I only have a few weeks to live.
I'm thirteen years old.
I don't even want to die.
But soon enough, I will finally be with my father and brother.
If you ever feel worthless, you're not.
You're beautiful inside and out.
Live for me, please? ♥


Never underestimate a girl's love for her favorite band.
Never think even for a minute, that she won't defend them to her death. Because it's not just the music that makes that band her favorite. It's the guys, the gals. It's the fans. People whom which she has interacted with thanks to the band. That band might of saved her life, or just made her smile everyday. That band has never broken her heart, and has yet to leave her. No wonder why she finds such joy in her music.

- Alexander William Gaskarth