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Location: District 13, helping out Katniss to bring down the Capitol. Then off to help Harry kill Voldemort.
Gender: F
Darcy and Fran = Bestest friends forever <3
Hey! I'm Fran, I live in London.
I'm English, Itallian, Scottish, maybe German, and 1/4 of me I don't know ;)
Oh and I'm vegitarian as well ;D
I'm the one on the left in my profile picture :) 
I like Indie, Country, Screamo, and Rock music.

I LOVE BLACK VEIL BRIDES! And saw them on Febuary 9th :D They smiled, winked, pointed and stared at me!!! Seriously... like right into my eyes.. Those 5 men saved my life <3
I think people need to learn how beautiful the world is <3

Witty Best Friend - Rachel :D She's really sweet, and funny. And never fails to cheer me up - which is big for me :) She is AMAZING!
Follow her - iloveoneed

I  LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES! It means alot to me, and helped me through everything by calming me down, and reminding me that good things are wort the wait <3
Lots of Love and Butterfly Kisses <3
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Quotes by FranFewster98

When you plan your future together with your best friend :')
Can't wait!
Love you Darcy!
Hurry up and get Witty you poo face! :')

You are the bestest friend a girl could wish for

You saved my life, and I have saved yours

We are keeping clean together

We are so similar it's unreal

I can't wait to move in with you and live a f#cking amazing life

Not giving a f#ck what others think, just rocking out all the time!

I love you Darcy

Thank you for everything :)


Have tought me so much
One of which, is to forget about the f#ckers in the past
And move on

Even if they haven't
That moment when someone actually cares...

Doesn't RUN in my


It practically GALLOPS


(Only Miranda lovers will get this :P)
It's My 15th Birthday

Today :D


Just got into hell guys! SO COOL

DOWN HERE! Come and join me



Mum: Didn't they come to England a few months ago??

Me:Your point?

On December 6th,
On the 6th of December (tommarow) wear a black ribbon on your wrist if you've ever:
Self harmed.
Binged or purged.
Or have been suicidal.

Or still do/are.

If you see someone else with the ribbon, go up to them and hug them or tell them to stay strong.

Spread the word.
"Always believe in yourself,

 Never give in,

 And I promice,

 You'll get through it."

~Andy Biersack~