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Quotes by Francesca123234

you meet someone,
you two get close.
its all great for a while.
then someone stops trying.
talk less, awkward conversations.
the drifting.
no communication whatsoever.
memories start to fade.
then the person you know becomes that person you knew.
thats how it usually goes, right?

sad isnt it?;

and it breaks my heart, to know that i'll never be able to call you mine;♥

when i look into your eyes,

i fall in love all over again;♥

maybe, just maybe, one day you'll realise how much you mean to me;♥ 

that amazing moment when you wake up, look out your window to find

snow everywhere,♥

big or small,
lies are lies

       destiny determines who comes, but your heart determines who stays.♥

its so hard to forget someone,
who gave you so much to remember.

best friends- the ones that you can get mad at only for an hour because you have important stuff to tell them♥

"my mama always told me life was like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get"

-Forrest Gump