Status: My heart beats for him, and him alone.
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I find your lips so kissable

You are just so irrestible.


Quotes by FrankieFine

Each time I think of you, I get butterflies in my stomach.
Each time I see you, my heart skips a beat.
Each time you touch me, I forget how to breathe.
And I just want to tell the world that I am in love with the most amazing person.
But you are not mine, my heart almost can't take it.

My heart is
crying out for you.
My soul aches for you.
I crave you, I need you.

Do you have any idea?
Any clue at all?
Just how much you make me smile
for absolutley no reason at all,
just from the thought of you.

I live with the sad
because what makes me so sad
is also the very thing
that makes me so happy

I was born cool, but global warming made me hot!
you know that feeling...
when you look at him and i love him
but we're just friends. or maybe when he looks at her
it hurts so much more sometimes. when you're in love with
him and he's in love with her. you love everything
about him and he loves everything about her. you
wasted all your 11:11 wishes on him. you kept it in for
so long. no one knows how confused you are.
do you tell him you like him?
or do you keep it in as usual?

It's confusing.

or "it's complicated" is your answer when someone
asks you what's wrong. when you look at them
together your eyes fill up with tears. because you love
him. you love him so much. and sometimes you just
wish he knew.

Find a guy who will pick up every piece of your broken and shattered heart and put it back together again;
Keeping one piece for himself and replacing it with a piece of his
You do care.
You care so much you feel as though
You will bleed to death
With the pain of it.