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Quotes by FrankieLovesYou

 I never lie to you.

Ever. Unless, I Say
"I'm Fine."


I hope you don't mind that I put down in
words, how wonderful life is, now that
you're in the world.
-Elton John.

you didn't want me in your life and that's fine
but you've got love why did you take mine?
but you're the only person that i can stand to talk to for longer than this
please stop playing that melancholy melody on my heart strings

§Who you are is not where you've been§

{ Your Still Innocent }


» you breathe air and i breathe fire
and now
I'm suffocating
I'm the victim now and you're the liar
because your mouth's so full of it

♡ Saving This Heart Thingy :D

Oh my God. /':
Four Boys Dead.
5,7,9, and 15.
The three youngest were kidnapped by their
father and have been missing since Thanksgiving.
Declared dead this morning.
the 15 year old was Hit by a Train on the 2nd. :'l

cause I've been shot down≈
{everybody turn around}
to the sound of my breaking heart</3
+just burn everybody take a turn+
~light a match under my paper heart~

Paper Heart-Tyler Ward