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I'm Slightly odd and not what you would label Normal. If you don't like it. Go away.
there's always thatone person,
that no matter how long it's been,
or how badly they treated you...
if they say i love you;*

you'll saiback ♥

my format or quote

Who else would get a heart attack if one of your quotes became
"A Top Quote"



'Hes  gay.'
'its just a coverup'



tell me what you want from me;
cause i really don't know...
This quote does not exist.

Welcome To The World Of Fake.

your girlfriend.

This quote does not exist.
causeverybodtrietput some love on thline ;

& everybody feels a broken heart sometimes. & even when i'm scared i have to try to fly sometimes i fall. but i've seen it , done it before. i got to step outside these walls.