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I'm Clare.
I'm sorta your average teenager... LOLOLOLno.
Likes: Wittyyyyyyyyyy, my friends, low calorie food, PIE, music <3....
Dislikes: Life!~
So... yeah.
Welcome to my Hell.


Quotes by FreakinAwesome

So my best friend is going to the
hospital because she tried to overdose.

I don't want faves, just pray 
for her please?

Oh, please tell me more

About how wonderful your boyfriend is, or how much you hate your parents, or how stupid school is.
 thoughts of suicide can wait.

No, I don't want your sympathy. I don't want you to hug me, and tell me that you're sorry.

I want you to nod and tell me that you understand.


Dear majority of female population-
Hating on girls who are going out with hot guy celebrities won't make them magically fall in love with you, you realize that right? 
Sincerely, get a life.
>>Even my friends
are taking away all I care about.

</3  And I'm dying inside...
My best friend is going out with my crush of 4 years. Haha. Fml.
How normal people dance:

♪ \(._.\) (/._.)/ 

How I dance:

My dream guy...

-Makes me sandwhiches
-Kisses me in the rain
-Has abs
-Will send me good morning texts
-Loves Harry Potter
-Is perfect

But people like that don't exist, so I'll just stick with my 69 cats.
Whenever someone mentions weed,
I start singing the "Bag of weed" song from Family Guy in my head.
Just know that if you fall down, I will be there to catch you.
Just don't blame me if I'm too weak.
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