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I'm Clare.
I'm sorta your average teenager... LOLOLOLno.
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So... yeah.
Welcome to my Hell.


FreakinAwesome's Favorite Quotes

Question: Do you think it matters how many people someone has slept with?
John Green: No and it particularly bothers me that women are held to a different standard on this than men.
John Green: Also, it's such a weird thing to care about. Like, imagine, if I started eating Cheerios for breakfast, Cheerios be like, "I'm the 48th ceareal you've tried eating! I don't feel special!"
John Green: Well then screw you, Cheerios. I can't go back into the past and un-eat all those cereals, but that doesn't mean I don't genuinely enjoy your whole-grain crunch!

I think Bing could have totally crushed
Google if they had called it 'Bang'. I mean, think about it. "I BANGED Channing Tatum".

But, guys, Ed Sheeran is honestly the one we should feel sorry for.
Not only did he put himself in a suit, not win a Grammy, and have to sit in a very close proximity to Chris Brown, but he also had to watch some stupid girl publically mock his best friend and now he has to go on tour with her ratchet a// for the next, like, seven months. Ed, we feel for you, babe.

Kudos to,
the only website I know that tells you if it's your username or your password that's incorrect.

Maybe this is what
the Mayans predicted.

Not an asteroid or a solar flare,
but the end of what we are.
We no longer cherish life,
or the other people,
or even the earth or the animals
or the resources put on it.
Senseless mass murder.
Animal cruelty.
And waste.

Look around you,
the end of the world is already here...


I'm sorry but if you dont like at least one of Ed Sheeran's songs,
than we can't be friends.
This quote does not exist.

Ed didn't lose the Grammy's,
the Grammy's lost Ed.

This quote does not exist.


Chapter Five

 "Hey Montes!" one of his friends suddenly called.  
"Why do they call you by your last name?" I asked.
He smirked. "Noah's too innocent." He winked at me before raising a finger
to signal he'd be back, then jogged off to his group of friends.
 I sighed as i got closer and closer towards the cheerleaders,
realizing I would soon be passing them.
Megan spotted me and smirked.
"Hey Raina!" she called out.
Well, that's not normal. I nodded at her,
wanting to swear at her but holding myself back as i usually do.
 "Ow!"  I fell to the ground suddenly, scraping my arm.
Confused, I looked back to find that the h/e had her foot stuck out in front of her.
My eyes narrowed to slits. I was so sick of this, some days I
wished I wasn't so afraid of getting in trouble and would do something to defend myself.
She and her friends burst out laughing. I felt a hand all of a sudden
grab mine and pull me up in one swift move. Noah stood there glaring at  
Megan, her smirk fading. "Noah babe, hey!" She smiled seductively at
him, strutting up to him and draping her arm around his shoulders.
"Don't worry about this loser, she's just a stupid klutz."  He rolled his eyes as he untangled her arms around him, and dropped them to her sides.
"F//k off Melissa," He spat.
Walking away from her, he motioned with his head for me to follow,
leaving her standing there fuming and shocked.
I walked with him, all the while dying of laughter.
He grinned a little. "I got her name wrong, didn't I?" I nodded, not able to speak. He chuckled, before suddenly turning serious.
"But honestly, you're not going to go through your last of high school like this."
I rose an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"
He smirked.

 "We're going to show everyone in this school who you really are."


\ the reasons will start soon young ones.