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I, among many of you who share my pain... have been freind-zoned. The love of my life does not feel for me, what I feel for her. She is a girl I could spend the rest of my life with. She is beautiful, charming, witty and fun. She and I know each other better than we know ourselves. We grew up together. She doesn't love me. To me, I'm like her brother. "It would feel wrong." She says. But this... us not being together... is what feels wrong..

I never said that she owed me anything. All you know about me is my username. Did you even read my profile? I explained there that the love of my life is also my best friend. And when she learned that I was in love with her, she slowly began pushing me away, and I'm absolutely broken over it. No, she doesn't ow me anything at all. No, I don't expect her to love me back, but you have to understand that it /hurts/ that she doesn't love me back. And yes, I know the term "unrequited love" fits better, but you shouldn't judge me for choosing to use the more common term of "Friend zoned".  

Those of you who are angry with me for my username? You obviously have never been friendzoned. It breaks my heart every time I look at her. I don't want to lose her as a friend, but every time she sees that look in my eyes, she pushes me further and further from her life. Don't say such things, the friendzone does exist, and it eventually leads to the unfriendzone.


Life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Quotes by FriendZoned

Can't run from it
Can't wish it away
Never assume that because it breathes it is human.
Monsters breathe too.
After all these years,
I am at long last...
Cancer free.

Wounds take time to heal.
Scars last forever.
You don't always get dealt the best hand.

I'll find the right words.
You still wait for the sun.
But it never quite comes.
By the time she decides to say she's sorry...
the damage is already done.
The earth has music for those who listen.
Call me a sinner, call me a saint
Tell me it's over I'll still love you the same
Life waits for no one.
Neither do I.