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HELLO!!!! welcome ot the profile of FullOfWit:) sam and tori here.


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Ya know how people make a huge deal when someone wears no makeup
This quote is pretty much wearing no makeup..soo show some love, make a big deal ;) 
--favorite this--
My eyes are bluebut I'm seeingred
Maybe I'm a little bit LOVE DRUNK
-Little Mix, Love Drunk (DNA Deluxe Album)
If you're sexy and you know it clap your hands
why am i so done with everything except my homework

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school               o            school                 school                          school

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school                         l   school                 school  school  school  school

i freakin loveee snow

“Beauty is the enemy. We try to conquer not feeling beautiful all our lives. It’s a battle that can’t be won. There’s no definition of beauty. The only way to achieve beauty is to feel it from inside without breaking down into individual physical attributes”

-Miley Cyrus♥
why do people assume youre jealous of everything you hate
i hate spiders that doesnt mean im jealous they have 8 legs and eat flies

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only the old wittians will get this

teacher: so then the bee thinks, "wow that flowers really beutiful!" and then they pollinate it!
me: okay wow so even as a plant i would be forever alone