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I am a dancer, writer, reader, drawer, atlete, loner, friend, enemy, and wittian. What are you?
I joined just over a year ago, but it seems like forever. I've met some AWESOME people on Witty, and I love that they accepted me so quickly. My main goal is to reach 100 followers, and I hope you can help make that happen.  
I make quotes about love, life, sorrow, and pretty much anything that crosses my mind. Sorry if some of my quotes have swears and you can't see them. :x
I'm almost always online, and I'm always free to chat... just ask!
I am a HUGE reader, and have read everything from Hunger Games to Alice19, I love manga and anime. I am an artist, so ask if you want a drawing done. Thanks!

Friendship is like a book. It takes years to make, but seconds to burn.

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When I scrolled over the Witty symbol,  I expected spazzy rainbows. 
I thought the ' Random Format' was just simple, easy colors and backgrounds? Woah. 

How long has this update been up? Because I feel like a noob. 

I guess I haven't been on Witty for a while, eh? 
I'm the sanest of them all
haha no
Ugh- It's summer- remind me why I'm up at 7:00?

It's my sister's birthday party tomorrow. 
It's a pool party- outside.
And its supposed to be 50 degrees or so. 
There's no refund at the pool we rented out.
She's turning six.




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Rue Forever Alive
Chpt #2
[I posted this on other sites as a part of a series I was doing.  All under username Funfunfunisfun.]

Grabbing a few dry leaves, I stuffed them in my jacket pocket. 
The leaves crinkled under my feet, just barely heard.
I wans't paying attention, not really, anyways.

Maybe that's why I didn't see the trap.
Or maybe it was just really good camouflage. 
I'll never know.
As soon as I stepped on it I knew something was wrong.
With a sharp twack, the rope holding the net was cut. It covered my head, my arms, my legs. It seemed to never end. I twisted and turned, but it wouldn't let go. 
I struggled to free myself from the net, but somehow I know it won't happen.

'' Katniss! Katniss!'' I yell, not afraid that anyone else would hear it. I hear the overlapping sounds of the mockingjays, playing our saftey tune.
I wasn't safe.

'' Katniss! KATNISS!'' I yell, more frantically now. 
'' Rue! Where are you?!'' Katniss yells back, sounding so far away. 


So I broke my wrist a few moths ago.
Here's the story.

Well, I go to free skate sessions, and I'm really good. I've been skating since I was 4. And because my mum is too cheap to buy junk food, the only way my siblings and I can get delicious treats is by winning the games. ( Red light green light, Limbo, The Dice Game. ) So, as usual, I play to win. This time I was playing Red-Light-Green-Light. Towards the end of the game, the only people that were left were a boy and I. So, being competitive, I went up on my speed- full force.
I couldn't stop after I won.
Sometimes, the concrete walls don't like you as much as you thought.

- Fun
Rue Forever Alive
Chpt #1
[I posted this on other sites as a part of a series I was doing.  All under username Funfunfunisfun.]

My name is Rue, and I was a tribute in the 74th annual Hunger Games. Yes, was.
I am not a Victor, though, my friend plays the part of that. This is my story.

I allied with Katniss Everdeen, from District 12. She was stuck in a tree, and I.. I pointed. I pointed to the tracker jacker nest above her head, to warn her, but she did something totally different. She cut it down. The Careers were on us after that, having lost a member of the pack... it was scary, I'll say. But it was fun, exciting. I had to do it again.

Our next plan was to blow up the Career's food.
That worked out perfect, at least Katniss's part was.
My job was to light 3 fires. The first two worked out perfectly, the Careers swarmed to the bait. It was easy, almost too easy. 
But maybe that's why.
I was going to collect some leaves, in the woods.
I needed to hurry.

Slow Down

And Enjoy Life


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So a few months ago I broke my wrist
I don't think I ever posted the story- no need to.
It's funny. Should I post it?