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Quotes by FuturStar

i never intended to make you my hole world
             you were not even supposed to be a part of it
but now you are, and i could not be more
what is sexy?
      sexy is you pushing me
againts the hood of your car
       on the rainiest day of the year
and [[kissing]] me with no intention of ever

             stopping <3
Dont tell anyone.............
                         but Im giving you my heart
Dont tell anyone.......
              but your all i ever think about
Dont tell anyone.........
             but i think i might just love you
a kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature
                   to stop speech
when words become

&& i love being the girl
he gives his hoodie to wear and who he
cuddles up next to when its cold. The one
who comes up behind me and wraps his
arms around me, catching me completly
off guard and wispers in my ear........
i love you cutie<3

So just take me in your arms baby
And hold me tight.
We wont let them break us
Because tonight its all about us
Tonight is all about living
Tonight is about
Pure feeling
Pure emotion
Pure happiness
Tonight is just about
me and you    <3

one of my old qoutes....thought id fix it upp hopee u likee

We know what we are
                    but know not what we may

William Shakespeare

If music be the food of love
play on.