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Quotes by FutureMrsBrunoMars

I'm not a size 0.
I'M A SIZE 10.

You know what? I love myself and I'm not fat.
F*ck society. Everyone is perfect the way they are.

Honestly, societ, I DON'T GIVE A F*CK.

How a friend signs my yearbook:
Have a great summer! See you next year!

How a best friend signs my yearbook:
I hope you see Harry's four nipples in person this summer!

Harry changing the lyrics to "I Want" yesterday.


He says "Blow a kiss. Blow a job." and "Different d*ck every night."

BRB, *dying of laughter"

Who Cares

I don't see why One Direction quotes bother people so much. All I hear is people complaining about it but thats not going to stop anything. It's just another quote so deal. I'm not trying to be mean it's just reality. Everyone sees quotes they don't like. Just deal. Take a chill pill. I have had my fair share of quotes about One Direction and thats my choice. I do what I want. And if the 1D quotes make it to the top some people must like them. So just everybody leave everybody's quotes alone and live your life. Much love xx
(ps I love One Direction so much)

Stole My Heart

1D Fanfic

Chapter 5- The call


 I held onto Harry's number with my life as we walked to find the car. Katie was talking a mile a minute and freaking out. I was smiling and thinking that this wasn't real life. We drove back to my aunt's apartment which she wasn't staying in because she was on vacation. Me and Katie walked inside and then she started drilling me with conversation.

"Ohmigosh! I cannot believe you have Harry Styles's phone number in your hands right now!"
I said "Yeah I know!"

Katie asked me to tell her everything in detail. So I did. She freaked even more and asked when I was gonna call. I told her I didn't know. When do you call Harry Styles? Never thought I'd have to ask my self this question. Should I call him tonight? Or maybe in the morning? What if he doesn't anwser? Is he tired? These thoughts and more went through my head.

Katie said "Just call him now! N-O-W! As in right NOW!!!"
I said" Are you sure what if-"
Katie cut me off "HE LIKES YOU CALL HIM NOW!"

I took a deep breath and told Katie to go away while I talked to Harry since she need to know what was going on. Of course she protested so I went out on the balcony. You could her the ocean in the distance as the warm see breeze brushed my hair and face. I took out my phone and saved him number in my contacts. I dialed the number and listened for the ring. My heart started beating really fast when I heard the ringing which seemed too long. And then silence and the noise of a phone being picked up. 

I said "Umm hi. Yeah. This is Hannah. Um yeah from tonight?"
"Oh! Hi! How are you?"
I said " I'm good and how are you?
Harry said "I'm just wonderful now that I'm talking to you."
"Oh thanks. Um so I had a really great time to night and your really amazing and so nice and I think your great and brilliant and umm yeah and good at singing so yeah."
Harry said next "Why are you so nervous? *laughs* You're so cute even though I can't see you."
I said "I don't really know. You make me lose control and I hardly know you. *nerous laughs*"
Then he said "How about I get to know you over dinner tomorrow. I'll pick you up at 7. Sound good?"
Then I blurted "Yeah it sounds really good. See you tomorrow."
He said "Goodnight, love. Until tomorrow."

And then I realized I had a date with Harry Styles.

Stole My Heart

1D Fanfic

Chapter 4- Phone Number


We just stared at each other. Katie had to step on my foot for me to stop. Harry was so magnetic. I needed to talk to him. But what would I say? I couldn’t help noticing we had a moment there but want to discuss? All the other girls were fangirling about being backstage. I was taken by love at first sight. I sounded crazy, love, really? I don’t know what it was but it was something real. Harry gently pushed me to the side away from everyone and said “Hi, I’m Harry Styles.” And I’m here like and awkward potato. Like “Hi, I’m Hannah.” Keep cool, I thought. I wondered what he was thinking. He smiled and I smiled and laughed a nervous laugh. He said, “You’ve have the most beautiful smile. You’re really beautiful.” Of course this made me smile for like an idiot but I couldn’t help it.  Then he grabbed my hand and said, “I’m lost in your amazing eyes and I knew I had to meet you.” To which I replied, “Thank you, you’re concert was amazing and you are too kind.” Why was I being a formal idiot? I was never like that before. He laughed and said, “I’d like to get to know you.” I said, “Me, too.” What was wrong with me? I couldn’t make normal conversation at all! Harry was told to greet all the fans so we moved back to the group. He watched me the whole time. Too soon we had to leave. Before everyone left we gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “Goodbye, love.” I walked out the door in a daze. Katie eyed me suspiciously. We were about to leave to arena when a large guy in black stopped us. His tag said, Paul. Paul said, “Harry wants your number.” And handed me a piece of paper and a pen. I tried to stop my hand from shaking but it was hard. I slowly wrote out my number. He handed me a paper back. He said, “This is Harry’s number.” I grabbed the paper and he walked away. I clutched the paper to my heart and looked at his number. 

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Dear One Direction,

You’ve got something one you. Clothes.

Sincerely, Take them off

Harry Styles

Thanks for being single a little bit longer


Wait for me babe?

Sorry guys, I don't have time tonight to add another chapter. Studying for exams right now try to put one up tomorrow! :) Thanks:)
Stole My Heart- 1D Fanfic
Chapter 3- Eyes

Too soon the concert was over but I couldn't stop thinking about Harry's green eyes. We had a real moment. He doesn't know my name but he looked into my soul. Wow. Yes it was that deep. Katie was high on life and was dragging my backstage probally wondering why I wasn't screaming at the top of my lungs. She just needed to calm down. We flashed out back stage passes to the security outside the back area. About 5 other fans had passes too and we had to wait to meet One Direction. I was nervous. What would Harry say? "Sorry for staring at you after we had this momen where I stared into your eyes and something clicked??" I don' think so. But I was strangly calm but that look of composure on my face. Security opened the doors and we proceded to the back with the other fans. Everyone chatted excitedly except me. I was deep in thought. Maybe he would ignore it or maybe he had forgotten. We walked to the room and there they were standing waiting to great us and a pair of beautiful green eyes stared back into mine once again.

I couldn't stop staring at this girl in the front row. Her long brown hair and huge hazel eyes brought my attention upon her. I was in a solo and touched her hand and stared into those amazing eyes. I faultered for a moment but not too off beat to finish the song. We connected I could feel it. She was something I never saw before. I couldn't take my eyes off of her the rest of the concert. Was this love at first sight? I didn't know. But I knew she felt it too. I didn't know her name but I needed to see her again. The show ended and we headed backstage to greet fans. When they came back I saw a girl, calm not screaming or crying. She walked closer and it was my hazel eyed girl staring at my once again.