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So...this is me. 
Hello all, welcome to my page. I'm going to tell you that I DO like One Direction and Harry Potter...so if that's an issue then....whatever, just dont follow me. I do not expect you to like them, though. Everyone has an opinion. Second, I love music....in general. .

Much love

Quotes by Futureweasley

Sister: If you do that again I'll lock you in a room full of spoons.
Me: ......
Sister: Gets pretty lonely just sitting there surrounded by metal.
Me: Gets pretty lonely when you're being spooned.

Hey so there's this account on Tumblr.....


Check it out :) 


Plot Twist: I know what makes me beautiful. 

Even Bigger Plot Twist: I am beautiful.

Biggest Plot Twist: One Direction wrote a song about me

Mother of all Plot Twists: I know One Direction. 
I found this on tumblr. 

omg but niall seems like the kind of person that you

would be taking a walk with at night to get ice cream

and you’d be like “wow its cold outside” hinting you

want his jacket and he’ll just like be devouring his ice

cream like “you should’ve worn a jacket”



I LOVE One Direction
And I LOVE Harry....

And, Honestly, I really do Love Taylor Swift

But there's something about them as a couple that I'm just not a fan of. But, hey, if he wants to date her, more power to him. 

We can get two fabulous new ablums from this. 


For any Directioners out there. I have a Tumblr and could use followers ;) Follow me dontwantmyheart :D 

I have no idea if I have a fever....

....or if I'm just too hot for even me to handle. 


So to all you people that send hate and don't expect to get an angry response.......

really? You're the ONLY ONE that can express an opinion? 

just food for thought. You know....for people who like to think. 


*Mom calls your name* 
You: Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap
*erases all phone messages*
*Deletes computer history* 
*pulls out a book* 
You: Yeah Mom?
Mom: Dinner's ready! 

I'm in love with you

and all these little things.