Status: I HATE SCHOOL...
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Location: SomeWhere I'm Not Supposed To Be In Probably, But what the heck lets make this place big and sound like I'm a real angel that lying on a cloud in heaven but NOOO im in h3ll with the devil. Yay.
Gender: F
i love graffiti especially the artists COPE he's the best :D if you don't believe me look up his throwie or his wildstyle :P i do throwie and i am learning wildstyle graffiti. i love

to fight (not the lame verbal kind) and i love Desserts i love standing out in the rain when its not lightening. I LOVE CHICAGO AND NEW YORK...mostly just downtown

cities. i love dogs, bears, and bats. My favorite kind of dog is the PITBULL. I am not a loner i love to make friends with strangers and i hang with mostly guys

older then me. I LOVE VOLLEYBALL and i LOVE watching basketball...but i hate playing it. i am very tall for my age.... I'm 13 and 5'8. i live in the USA somewhere near

chicago I play volleyball, i dance, i used to model, i used to play soccer, i box, and i do kickboxing.
i don't dress averagely i dress with baggy clothes or shorts :D i am

always happy. never sad. but i AM ALWAYS MAD. so don't mess with me. i curse i guess u can say ALOT. I have no temper for dumb or annoying or just people when it

comes to getting me mad. I love to bike ride away from my house.... i have always wanted to run away.
i Have never gotten arrested but i have gotten extremely close. I

used to...Smoke but i stopped with the real ones. i h8 when some people ON PURPOSE EVEN TRY AND FLIP ME OFF. my favorite color is red, purple, or blue. MUSIC IS

MY  LIFE. i L0VE rap, hip hop, and pOp. i hate country music and jazz and classic and all that stuff... rock is alright......... well some Kinds of it is OK:P i love to carve into

benches about my awesome puppies, my best friends.....Ever. i HATE HATE HATTTTEEE!!!! c0p$. i have been stalked.. i have fell in love... i have done the wimpy kind of

dr.gs.... sharpies and glue :D I love to hang with friends. i love to eat ice cream.. my favorite is bubble gum... i am still waiting for my true love hoping ill get one xD i go

down to the basketball courts every day with ONE of my dogs to talk to the people playing basketball or just to say hi... i have told off a fireman...actually 4 firemen... 3

cops (they were all in a group i did it cuz they just shut down my party) and to alot of strangers and even my friends! i AM VERY HYPER AT TIMES. AND I LOVE TO BAKE

DESSERTS! but over all i am a mad i guess u can say pretty, energetic, Fun to be with, tough and i love making friends








Quotes by GO2HELL

The only thing better then pitbulls is...


More pitbulls


I'm the kind of girl.

That would k!ll alot of people.

If there wasn't a punishment.

At 3 shes playing with barbies, getting ready for the first day of school.

At 5 she's in school, then watching siblings play poker looking up to them

At 7
shes playing poker with her friends using allowences and barbies

At 9 she has real cash and is still learning tricks

At 11 she is rich and knows poker, a master

At 13 she is expelled from all schools for fighting and cursing

At 15 she is gambling for money 50$ a night

At 17 she is playing poker with the big boys winning and getting d®ugs

At 19 she's playing beer pong and staying up all night with friends shooting héro!n

At 21 she is arrested for drugs

At 32 she joins a gang and escapes jail

At 34 she meets him and they have a baby

At 36 she gets sent back to jail for 4 years

At 38 she gets stabbed in jail and goes home

At 40 she is walking with her baby and is shot

At 40 ten minutes later she dies.

Don't think this is fake.

It happens all the time.

And people predict this is my story.

I'll post the other half in a week or so...

Last night we went to this very scary maze thing and
the first one wasn't haunted, but the second one was. I
went in it and the first thing i noticed was gas, the smell
of gas, so my sister and i kept walking and we kept
hearing people scream and then we turned this corner
and a guy dressed as a zombie thing jumped out with a
chainsaw. I screamed and started sprinting with my sister.
When we lost him we kept seeing more and more people
dressed up trying to scare us ( and they did it was supposed
to be that way). And they kept blocking our way so this one
guy jumped out as a zombie and scared me so badly I fell
down and curled up in a ball to make him leave. Then as
I closed my eyes i felt him pull me up, and when i turned
around he was gone so i ran back to my group. 

Even though it was a silly stupid thing, it still felt good that someone cared about me.

Even if it was fake.

It was great.

The only time I Really Run

Is when I'm being chased.

My middle finger is litteraly stronger then my tounge

For holding it up instead of saying something.


Is not the best country in the world. I agree but it is not the worst.

Just remember there are kids in america hearing others say their country is the worst.


Is not the smartest in the country. Nor the dumbest.

Just remember true americans are the best at having REAL fun. Well at least one of the best.


Is not the fattest. Nor the thinnest

Just remember we aren't the ones that invented enormes tacos.


Is not the most dangerous country. Nor the most peaceful.

Just remember i live in the city with the murder capital, BEATING NYC, and i have seen worse.


Is my freaking country. So don't be hating.

Just remember, I love the world but America beats all in my opinion. 

-True American
Don't drop that gas pedal, gas pedal,


like yo tryin make
my milkshakes bring all

the boys to the yard and theyre like
I got the

eye of a tigar, fighter dancing in the fire

of you i never thought i could feel

this power and
your so supersonic wanna

feel your powers stun me with your lasers

your kiss just set it off im glad we had this

. nothing like you and me.

i know, weird, i just got bored.

You are you that is truer then true


Is no one alive that is youer then you.


So My friends and i were

talking, about twerking.... 

And one of my friends said, " I don't know how to twerk againest a wall!!!"

so my other friend tried to do it but she fell. 

So im like ok dude! step back. 

So i started doing it and everyone started laughing and then im like nailed it.  

it was so funny. :D