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Ha, i don't know what i'm gonna use this for.
My name is Gabriella.
You can call me Gabbi.
Now let me just sum it all up for yaaa,
I live in New York, I'm an allstar cheerleader,
I have a little sister&a mom.
And I have totally turned my life around. And so can you.
To see a rainbow you gotta watch the rain,
To find love you gotta live through the pain.


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The Cheerleading Worlds 2012
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What's 4/20?


Witty Facebook just for you guys<3


"I wasn't that drunk..."
Dude you grabbed my hamster and shouted, SING ALVIN SING!



When I open a package of bread,

I skip the first piece becaue it's ugly.

"Do you mind if i pay you in  shakes ?"

T h a t ' s   a  S h a m r o c k  S h a k e.  V a n i l l a  ic e c r e a m 
s w i r l e d  w i t h   m i n t y  s w e e t n e s s



Your so amazing
You shine like the stars.

Your so amazing
The beauty you are.


I was sexually abused,

At the age of nine and I didn't tell anyone. The person then went on and got to my sister and did the same thing to her. My mother then asked me if he had done anything to me and I bursted into tears and poored my heart out at what happened. I am now fourteen, it has been five years. He was my uncle. He is now going to jail now. The police told me that I saved other girls too.
Please anyone, everyone, if this or something similair has ever happened to you, please speak up. YOUR NOT IN THE WRONG.
please like to get the word out.
this is a true story.


It's a lie to think, That your not good enough,
It's a lie to think, that your not worth anything.
It's scary to know, how many girls have eating disorders
It is scary to know how many people are just angry at life because of their situation at home
It's scary to know how many people actually think there worth nothing...

please watch this.
You won't regret it.
I promise.