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My quotes say a lot about me. 

Quotes by Gabbster722

Everything is bleak,

it's the middle of the night, 


Feelin' like a jerk,




I just need to be saved from myself..

format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

window pane.
But we are hiding isafeplace,
under covers staying dry and warm
you give me feelings thaadore..


You know you're in love when

You can just look over at them and smile for no reason
Their smile and laughter give you the most amazing indescribable feeling
You can talk for hours about absolutely nothing and never get bored
No matter what you've always got each others backs
You realize that you're the reason they're smiling and you cant help but be absolutely and wholehartedly thrilled 
You can look into their eyes and you're overcome with the sudden realization that you never want to lose them and can't imagine life without them.

Format: twilightgirl995
Sometimes I wonder how stupid people think I really am.
When you cry so much that you give
yourself a headache.
When I don't see you...
It really crushes me... and I know it shouldn't.
I love him. I don't care what people say about him. Age doesnt matter. I don't care when people say your too young to know what love is, or you'll never last. We were meant to be, and it will be like that until the day that we die. When we're old we'll look at all of those who said that (and yes, even you mom and dad), and we will smile hand in hand and say we told you so.
I've always wanted to race a racecar.
And now I finally get the opportunity to this summer..
but I have so many people putting me down..
I dont believe that I can do it myself anymore.
People say girls dont belong at racetracks.
They belong in the kitchen.
Look at Danica Patrick today on the pole for the Daytona 500.
Now SHES inspiring.
And to be told you cant do something just because your a girl is a load of
Minecraft Quotes #1

You want a hoe? I got a diamond one right here ;)

(legit was just on skype and my friend said this, in all seriousness)